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    Josh Steinhouse, Photographer

    My love of photography started as a child, when I would borrow my mother's camera every chance I could to take photos of, well, everything! In high school, I was a senior photo editor of our yearbook, and though I pursued other interests in college, my heart always belonged behind the camera. From them to now I've travelled the world, never leaving my camera behind. My photos are my memories as much as my subjects, and I love being the one to capture them

    My Work & My Area Of Service

    Visual storytelling is a key passion of mine, and there's no better way to express that than my photography. Whether it's a beautiful wedding, nature in all its splendor, or just people loving life, I intend to photograph it all! This is where life meets the camera!

    Currently, I serve the greater Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Metro Area. If you are seeking service outside of that region, please contact me and we can discuss it.